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J. Bridger Cox, M.D.

A Long History of Neurosurgical Expertise in Oklahoma

As the largest and most established neurosurgical practice in Oklahoma, we have a long history of state-of-the-art, patient-focused treatment for neurological problems. Founded by Dr. A.C. Lisle, M.D. in 1948, we have grown from a practice with just three doctors to having ten physicians dedicated to providing the best in neurosurgical treatments to Oklahoma City and beyond.

Seven Decades of Medical Innovation

With such an extensive history in neurosurgical treatments, our practice has learned the value of keeping up with medical innovations and continually improving standards of care for our patients. With over seven decades of patient care behind us, we know what it takes to provide not just good quality care, but the best quality care.

Whether you come to us for back pain, concussion treatment, scoliosis, carpal tunnel, or any other neurological condition, you know you’ll be in experienced, board-certified, and fellowship-trained hands. The brain and nervous system are complex and delicate biological structures that must be treated with the best medicine and treatment that science has to offer. At Neuroscience Specialists, you know that’s what you’ll get, and we have the experience, training, and expertise to provide it.

Setting the Standard for Neurological Care in Oklahoma

At Neuroscience Specialists, we go beyond orthopedic treatments for spinal injuries. Our physicians are trained neurosurgeons who bring a high level of skill and training to treating the root cause of back pain, neck pain, and more: the nerves. Through years of honing their skills and rigorous education-unparalleled even in other areas of medicine-they provide Oklahomans with the gold standard in neurological care and treatments.

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